Does God Want Me to be a Cross-Cultural Worker?

This is a good question, but it’s the wrong question. You should be asking, “How does God want me to carry out the Great Commission?” Most believers would agree that Christ’s command to go into all the world and make disciples – beginning with our “Jerusalem and Judea” and continuing with our “Samaria” and the uttermost parts of the earth – is for every Christ follower.

So we are all “missionaries…” sent ones, with the good news, the gospel.

Most of us hope to carry out the Great Commission through our daily lives, in our areas of influence. It takes obedience to be missional, or incarnational, about the way we live. If God also has a change of location in mind, to a different culture or a different country, that same obedience applies. Whether we are here or there, with a fox or in a box (sorry Dr. Seuss) we need to be about what God is leading us to do. We are witnesses wherever we are. Christ said in Acts, “And you WILL be my witnesses…” not, “if I lead you or call you, you should obey and be witnesses.”

The command was given 2000 years ago. The calling is sure. The question is where.

So, is God leading you to a different location?

The answer to that is, “probably not.” Not many seem to have the cross-cultural ministry gift. However, if he was, he would make it clear to you.

Look at how God got Nehemiah from Susa to Jerusalem. He heard a report from his brothers. It impacted him deeply – so deeply that he wept and mourned, and fasted and prayed. He waited for months and the concern he had originally felt continued to grow. Then, God opened an opportunity for him to respond, using his current employment. His employer gave him leave and he took off running.

If you just can’t get this cross-cultural thing out of your heart; if everywhere you look God is pointing the same direction – away from “home”; if he has left no doubt in your heart but instead peace about doing this… then, what are you doing reading this article? Get moving. Obey!

How do you start? Write me or another person serving in missions you know and ask, “What now.”

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