A Global Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an American holiday. That fact becomes shockingly apparent the first Thanksgiving living in another country, where they may or may not have turkey available for sale in November, or ever, for that matter, and no one even knows what Thanksgiving is…or even really cares. But that fact doesn’t mean we can’t express some thanksgiving for what God is doing in those countries!

The Global South is sending cross-cultural kingdom workers (CCKWs) by the 10s of thousands, if not more. Of the top five sending countries (the US still topping the list) three (Brazil, South Korea and India) are from the “Global South.” (Christianity Today)

The United States RECEIVES more CCKWs than any other country, at over 30,000 to counter its 64,000, or so, sent. (The Traveling Team)

Post-Christian Europe is seeing an increase in its percentage of Christians, though some of the increase may be attributed to immigration. (Justin Long)

10s of 1000s of new believers are being reported from Islamic-majority countries as a result of disciple making movements (DMM). (Source withheld for security)

China leads the world in people coming to faith with 10,000 new believers every day! (World Evangelism Research Center)

Of all the workers partnering with US-based agencies, only 1/3 are US citizens. Most are from target countries, working within their own country or serving as CCKWs in other countries. (Weber and Welliver)

There are about 6500 languages spoken in the world. Less than 2000 still need a Bible translation, which still seems like a lot, but those remaining languages represent less than 3% of the world’s population. (SIL)

Join us in being thankful to the Lord of the Harvest for all he is doing, both in your home country and around the world to bring hope to all people.

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