Our Resolutions for 2016

We hope you all had a great holiday celebration, wherever and however that happened for you! As we look ahead as the year begins, we thought we would share our resolutions with you… you know, it’s easier to stay committed if you share your resolutions with others!

1. Mobilizing for the kingdom is a job/ministry for us. We would like to resolve to make it more than that. We want kingdom health and growth to be something that drives us at work and at play.

2. Prayer always seems to find its way to the back seat, and yet it has the greatest potential for global change than any other strategy. We would like to resolve to put prayer back into its proper priority: ONE.

3. Our communication with others always seems to contain an agenda for what we are about. This has a place, but we want to resolve to be more about engaging and appreciating people for who they are than about what they could do as part of our agency family!

4. Nearly all of our energy is focused outward, away from our home city of Colorado Springs. We would resolve to add our city, our “Jerusalem,” to our radar and to get more involved locally, just like we keep telling you to do! Bring on the refugees!

5. Sometimes we get tempted into asking God to give us our best instead of his best and, in doing that, we may be limiting what he can do in and through us. This year we want to ask instead for EVERYTHING that HE envisions for us. We want it all!!

We hope you have taken time to think through and make some kingdom-focused resolutions. If you have, please share them with us! We promise to help hold you accountable!!

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