“Maybe God is in a Hurry…”

We heard a report yesterday from each of our area directors (ADs) in One Challenge. These experiences are usually very encouraging and exciting times, and yesterday was no exception! As each one shared what God is doing in each of their parts of the world, the excitement in the room grew. At one point our AD from an Asian area, marveling at what God was doing is his part of the world, remarked, “Maybe God is in a hurry…”

Here is some of what we heard. You make the call.

  • Unreached, unengaged peopleOne of area directors shared that a partner felt God wanted him to begin praying for a certain unreached and unengaged people group. Though it seemed odd to him to pray for a group where there was no “light” at all, he began to do so. Within weeks he came into contact with a man from that exact group who asked him for a Bible. Later last year, the man’s son came to our partner and asked for his own Bible, saying that his father wouldn’t let him have the one previously given. The new year passed with no word, so our partner contacted the man to ask what was going on. He responded, saying that there were at least 25 followers and he was waiting for just a couple more before scheduling a baptism date!
  • EuropeOur Europe area director shared how hundreds of refugees from limited access countries were coming to faith every day. Much of this is happening in Germany where they have been welcomed by the country and the church. The pivotal factor in the story is the love of Christ being expressed and lived out daily by God’s people in the lives of the refugees.
  • AfricaThe Disciple Making Movement (DMM) is in full swing, sweeping the island of Madagascar and other islands to the north east. In addition, South Africans are asking for help in reaching out to the fast-growing population of Chinese in the country, and many of them are coming to faith in Jesus.
  • Asia – DMM groups are being multiplied in Asia in such a huge way that numbering them is impossible. One report coming from the Middle East was that over 30 DMM groups were started “by accident,” meaning that our partner just happened to be visiting the country with no real intention of planting groups, but they happened anyway. He was just in the right place, at the right time, to be used by the Spirit of God in that way.

Could God be in a hurry?

We don’t know, but we would take this opportunity to echo Jesus’ words,

“The fields are white with the harvest. Pray to the Lord of the harvest, asking that he send more workers into his harvest fields.”

Listen to “Oceans” (by Joel Houston, Matt Crocker and Salomon Ligthelm, performed by Hillsong).

Prayerfully consider how you will get out of your “boat” to be involved in God’s harvest.

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