A Couch Potato’s Guide to Global Impact

Since Jesus gave the Great Commission to all of us, we felt we should not discriminate and make sure that all Christ-followers had a guide to global kingdom growth. Here are suggestions that everyone can be involved in, without even getting off the couch!

Pray for people you see on your choice of media.

We don’t care if these people are local or global, good guys or bad guys. As you watch the news on TV or scroll past it on your phone or tablet, take time to pray for people. This week we could focus on the people of Brussels, but remember that atrocities are happening all around the world all the time, and most of these are not broadly reported. Though we are often tempted to think that prayer is the “pea-shooter” in our arsenal, it is more like the “assault rifle” of our spiritual battle. Use it!

Communicate with missionaries.

We would recommend using the three “r” approach. Read the emails and letters you receive from kingdom workers. Reflect on the information contained in them and let it impact you. Respond back to those same workers, encouraging them and letting them know you are part of their team. The missionaries that communicate with you need to know that you are with them, partners in the work God is leading them to do.

Give of your resources for the global effort.

We are sure you saw this one coming! With today’s technology you can give to many worthy sources with “one click.” We would caution that you check out carefully the targets of your giving. Be informed and good stewards of the resources God has given to you, but don’t let that be an excuse to not give. As in all things, obedience should be our guide and motivation.

Network for kingdom growth.

The first thing you can do is share this blog post! In general, networking for the kingdom involves connecting resources with needs, information with those who want it, and people with those who are like-minded. Though there may be better, more face-to-face ways to be a networker, virtual networking from your couch is totally possible and is effective as well!

Be a champion for a missionary.

Cross-cultural kingdom workers are usually separated from their “tribe” to minister to other tribes. Because of that fact and the desire for their focus to be on the task before them, they need “champions” in their home culture to represent their work and their needs. Repost their posts. Retweet their tweets. Forward their emails. In short, increase their virtual footprint from the comfort of your own home!

However you choose to be involved in God’s kingdom growth, and from whatever posture or location, please join us in doing so. Remember, the gates of hell cannot withstand that growth of the kingdom of God. That is the kingdom we are part of and represent!

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