You are Enough

Our blog posts normally focus on calls to action in obedience to the Great Commission given to us from Jesus. In all of that it would be possible to feel overwhelmed, first by the need – which is overwhelming – but second by how small we are – how inadequate we are – when faced up against that need. We are tempted to cry out, “Lord, what I have to offer isn’t enough, not even a drop of water in the bottomless, thirsty cup of the world.”

To be blunt, this is a lie of the enemy. His tactic from the beginning has been to make us feel as if we need something more than God. We believed him then, and we believe him now.

YOU ARE ENOUGH. God made you enough for what he is leading you to do. All God needs is you, just as you are with just what you have to offer. God has told us this over and over in Scripture, but we doubt him just as often as we believe the enemy.

YOU ARE ENOUGH. For some reason our all-powerful God has chosen, and apparently loves, to use us in all of our weakness. He told the apostle Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for it is in your imperfect weakness that I am perfectly strong.” (2 Cor 12:9). Paul was asking that God take away the weakness, the “thorn in his flesh,” that was limiting him in the work he was so passionately pursuing. In effect God said “No, Paul. That is actually when I do my best work… when you can’t rely on yourself and are forced to depend on me.”

YOU ARE ENOUGH. Your two fish and five pieces of bread can feed thousands in the hands of Jesus. All that is necessary is to offer them to him to be used. The impossible not only becomes possible, but becomes reality in Jesus.

YOU ARE ENOUGH. Your doubting, denying, and failure are not new in the mind of God. He remembers that we are only dirt… but dirt shaped by him and gifted by him with the breath of life.

YOU ARE ENOUGH. Just you… just who you are… just the way you are… with just what you have to give. Lose your weakness in his strength. Lose your doubt in his assurance. Lose your inadequacy in his sufficiency. Lose your despair in his hope. Lose your hate in his love.

May I get lost in your living,

Lost in the smile on your face.

When I get lost in the depths of you

I’m found within your grace.


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