The World at Your Doorstep

Bob, our partner at Near Frontiers, recently shared this story of how he is reaching out to “the nations” in his own neighborhood.

“Tuesday was National Night Out, and we held our second annual gathering out in the street. We had a good turnout of 45 or so.

“As you know I have been befriending a Somali family up the street, and I really wanted to invite them. I was not sure how the other neighbors would react, but it worked out super!

“To be honest, I never would have dreamed I would see my Muslim friends having such a good time. The kids got multiple fireman and police stickers! These kids are so sweet. They like to touch my straight hair, and pull on the hairs on my arms. I loved watching them learn how to throw a Frisbee and climb up on the fire truck. They love nacho Doritos! Some of my neighbor men were hitting the Doritos bag before they were all gone!

“When it was all over, and all the food and equipment were put away, I was exhausted. I went inside my house, sat down, and began to weep. I feel so inept at sharing my faith with my neighbors. How, O God, can they come to know you?”

You don’t have to move overseas to get to know people from other cultures. How will you reach out to the nations at your doorstep?

Somali Kids

Bob Rasmussen lives in the Seattle area, and is the (quite casual) Director of Near Frontiers. He loves to hike, kayak (when it’s warm), write, and play his trumpet with the worship team at his church. Check out Bob’s blog for some of his adventures.

Near Frontiers exists to partner within the diverse body of Christ to stimulate intercultural unity and gospel transformation among diaspora and under-served peoples.

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