The Cubs and the Kingdom

“What makes a great organization is the 1000 little sacrifices that people make when no one is looking.”

Theo Epstein (Head of Operations for the Chicago Cubs)

No matter who you were pulling for in game 7 of the World Series this week, or even if you couldn’t care less about who won, Mr. Epstein’s statement about the Cubs organization is true. Successful movements are fueled by committed people who make sacrifices for the cause.

The kingdom moves forward in a similar way as Jesus’ body, the church, makes sacrifices, mostly unseen by the world. Let us share some ways we have seen people give up themselves for the sake of the kingdom. As you see yourself in these things, please accept our thanks, and if you see something you could be more involved in, consider that as well.

Give up time to pray – Prayer is the most effective thing we can do to advance the kingdom. Pray for the missionaries your church supports and pick up a copy of Operation World to pray for other cultures.

Give up time to serve – The Great Commission is for every one of us, wherever and whoever we are. Once again, your local church is the best place to start. What are other needs in your community?

Give up some things so there is money to give toward the kingdom – God can certainly produce money out of nothing, but it seems he more regularly uses his people to finance the work. Even $10 a month can make a significant difference, whether you think it will or not.

Get involved in your local church mission’s committee – Most committees we know would welcome fresh input. More people involved means more services provided for the missionaries the church supports.

Give it all up and go somewhere yourself – We need to say that this commitment should only be made in direct obedience to God’s leading. There are as many opportunities out there as there are people who will consider going. As in all the above, start at your local church to find out what opportunities they have. Need more options? Contact us!

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