Just Show Up

If we have kingdom impact in 2017, it will be because we made ourselves available to the King.

It seems we often think that we have to do something great for God when in reality all that is really needed is that we just show up. The more we try to control each day the less we are submissive to the Spirit’s control. The more we rely on our own power and ability, the less open we are to be used to display God’s power.

The apostle Paul was a pretty powerful guy, and yet he writes to the church in Philippi that he considers his heritage, gifting and training to be “loss for the sake of Christ.” He counted all of his ability as “garbage.” In his letter to the church in Corinth he says that he will boast in his weakness because it is “in our weakness that God’s perfect strength is shown.”

So what is it that you are depending on to make a mark on history? Lay it on the altar.

The children were facing the Red Sea. The Egyptians were bearing down on them. They had nowhere to go and no resources to defend themselves. Moses’ words to them were clear and should ring out to us today: “STAND STILL AND SEE THE SALVATION OF THE LORD.”

Hope comes from hopelessness.

Strength comes in weakness.

Peace is found in the midst of the storm.

Want to impact the world for the kingdom?

Just show up!

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