Are You Worth the Risk?

The president of a tremendously impactful global ministry was once asked how he got his start, and his response was this: “Someone believed in me and gave me a chance.”

We love that example of an unconditional opportunity given to someone untested and who could fail, but who is worth the risk.
As we move forward into the next generation of missions, we look for both people who need someone to believe in them AND those who will risk giving those opportunities. Of course, this is easier said than done.

How do you know what kind of person is worth that risk?

They are passionate: focused on the object of their passion as they actively pursue it. There is more than just talk with them. There is action. They are on the move.

They are committed: few will take risks on those who gives up easily, but they who push through adversity, who try, fail, and try again are worth investing in.

They are experienced: even if only minimally so, they have not been idle. They are at work adding to those experiences. They know what is needed to move forward, and they relentlessly seek it out.

They are learners: teachable people move forward more than anyone else. Why? Because they learn from both their own and others’ experiences, and apply what they’ve learned to future situations. In our ever-changing world, that ability is critical.

They are good followers: just as everyone is a leader, they are all also followers of someone else. The best leaders learn what their followers need through their own experiences as a follower.

What kind of person will take the risk?

They are big picture people: the story isn’t really about them, they are a only small part of a much bigger saga. Sometimes the best part to play in the story is to mentor the next hero.

They remember their start: someone once believed in them. They are humble, and know that no one is self made. They want to extend that chance they were once given to someone else.

They understand synergy: working together accomplishes more. It means a wider audience, increased product, or expanded influence. Collaboration creates community and relationship, fostering personal and corporate growth.

They understand legacy: investing in the future is crucial. It is the only way to perpetuate the current and past good work. New people bring their own gifts to old ideas. Things change, and change is hard, but new life results from it. Seeds must die for plants to sprout forth.


Are you looking for someone to believe in you, and give you that chance? Give us a shot. Make us believers in you!

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