Cracked Pots

There is a story told of a farmer in a poor country who traveled far every day to get water for his crops. He had only two clay pots with which to carry the water, and sadly, one of them was cracked. Every morning, he fetched the life-giving liquid from the river, and traveled back to his field. Along the way, though, nearly all of the water in the cracked pot would leak out. This meant more trips than for those who had intact pots, which was truly unfair and angered him.

One day, the farmer noticed how beautiful wildflowers were sprouting along the side of the path, but only the right side, over which the cracked pot leaked.

If we are honest with ourselves, we are all cracked pots… cracked pots that God has chosen to fill with the message of his love, and his revelation of that love in Jesus. Our brokenness serves a purpose: it allows that message to leak out all along the paths God has laid out for us. Since each of our paths is different, God’s love is spread everywhere!

It’s all part of the upside down kingdom of God. In his death, we live. In our weaknesses, he is strong. In our failures, he succeeds. Through our brokenness, others see him. His power is perfect in our powerlessness.

So let God leak out of your brokenness all over those you come into contact with today. Allow him to be glorified in you!


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