Who Gets the Glory?

In the world of cross- and counter-cultural work and ministry, we are often tempted to think that success, advancement, or victory have something to do with us: our abilities, our training, our gifting, our commitment, and our sacrifice. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Don’t get us wrong in that statement. We do have roles to play. Jesus asks us to show our love for him by being obedient to him. God has chosen to gift us, and to use us, and for that we are grateful, but…

If we are totally honest with ourselves, we would say (along with Amy Grant), “When it all comes down, if there’s anything good that happens in life, it’s from Jesus.”

We each need to be reminded daily that we are not our own, we were purchased at a price (1 Cor. 6:19-20), who gets the glory, and by whose power we live each day (Acts 17:28). We all need these reminders so here are some for today:

  • For what you are able to accomplish for the kingdom today, give thanks.
  • For the things that you have and enjoy today, give thanks.
  • For the relationships that you have and depend on today, give thanks.
  • For God’s free gifts of sun, rain and all the beauty that surrounds us, give thanks.
  • For the relationship with God that you have because of Jesus, give thanks.
  • For the very air you breathe and for every beat of your heart, give thanks.



“When it all comes down

When it all comes down

If there’s anything good that happens in life

It’s from Jesus.”

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