Our Eyes Are on You

Jehoshaphat stood in shock, though he hid it as best he could, as the scout bowed before him. The news brought by this soldier was grave: several neighboring countries had joined forces and assembled their armies, resulting in hundreds of thousands marching against Jerusalem. He dismissed the scout with feigned confidence, then turned toward his throne, eyes downcast. What should he do?

Though the following night lacked sleep, King Jehoshaphat decided on a plan. Early that morning, he sent word out to all Jerusalem- men, women, and children -to assemble in the courtyard before the Lord’s temple. Together, they would come before the Lord and ask for his help and direction. Once all were assembled, the king prayed a prayer of praise and dependence. “We don’t know what to do,” he said, “but our eyes are on you.”

God’s answer? “The battle is not yours, but mine.”

The next day the army went out from Jerusalem and found that every single enemy soldier had died during the night. (2 Chronicles 20)


In our kingdom work, we often face overwhelming odds: financial needs, physical challenges, the need for more people… problems just like everyone else. We are not immune. We want to trust in God, but it is difficult because, on a day to day basis, our needs seem to remain the same.

For example: recently, one of our mission workers passed away from a disease that took a little more of her each day. But every day of that difficult journey she would proclaim, “Today I choose to trust you. Today I choose to praise you.” That is her legacy… a life of committed faith and praise. We are all honored to have known her and loved her.

No one knows why God does what he does, or allows what he allows. Sometimes he saves, as in the story above. Sometimes he chooses not to heal, as in the case of our dear departed sister. Rarely, if ever, does he answer the “why” question. We can not control what God does, but we can determine our committed, faithful response to him, and believe that somehow, he does have our good at heart, as he promises.

“We don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on you!”
Today we choose to trust you!
Today we choose to praise you!

Whatever you face in the kingdom today, “we are sure of this, he who began this good work in you is faithful, and he will complete it!” (Philippians 1:6)


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