The Lord of the Harvest

.          The disciples approached Jesus as he said goodbye to a stranger, a middle-aged Samaritan woman. She ran off in a hurry toward Sychar, the local town from which she had come to draw water. It was in the heat of the day, and the disciples were loaded down with food for the midday meal. After drawing more water, they settled down under a grove of wild olive trees to share in food and conversation. Their main concern was what Jesus had been up to having a conversation with a woman…and a Samaritan one at that! But no one was brave enough to ask him directly about it.
.          Instead, the conversation momentarily revolved around food, but Jesus did not appear interested in that, either. His gaze remained on Sychar. “Please, master, have some food. You must be hungry.” “I have food to eat that you know nothing about” he responded, and murmurs arose. “What could he have had to eat?” “Did that woman give him something?”
.          Jesus then focused back on his followers. “Doing my Father’s will is my food. Though it may be said that there are still four months until the harvest, I say, ‘Look to the fields, for they are ripe and ready for harvesting right now.’” As he said these words, his eyes turned back toward Sychar and the growing dust cloud rising from the road. It seemed nearly the entire town was on their way to see this man that the woman had met. Jesus stood to meet them.
.          The disciples stood as well, backing away somewhat, the ingrained hatred of Samaritans playing in their minds. Jesus’ past words began to ring in their ears, “Pray to the Lord of the harvest asking that he send more workers into his harvest field.” Luke 10:2

Jesus’ request to pray for more harvesters still rings true today. The job is not done, the fields are still ripe. God is on the move. Workers are needed!

There are needs in every country and among every people group, some where the witness is already strong, and some where there is little or no witness at all. Please join us in praying every day at 10:02 AM (or PM if it’s better for you) for more harvesters. Our phone alarms go off at that time to remind us. Set yours right now.

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