Carpe Diem

“Seize the Moment” – by Jeffrey D Boesel 

Cannot be changed
Tomorrow can’t be written
All we have is now
To use, to do, to live in

If this is true
Should we not give more care
To how we spend it
For time once used
Is time now gone
We cannot apprehend it


Sometimes, when we think about “carpe diem” (seize the day), we are tempted to consider only how to make the best of every moment, make them each count for the kingdom. We often get so focused on the finish line that we lose all sight of and wonder for what is around us. Today, we would like to put another spin on it: commit to enjoying each moment as it passes. Don’t let striving for a goal or stress about the future steal the joy in this very moment. We posted about this two years ago,  and today it is a reminder as much to ourselves as to anyone else.


Stop reading. Take a deep breath. Look around and appreciate the moment.


Are you noticing anything you’ve never stopped to appreciate before? The sound of the wind, the beautiful pattern of even a granite counter top…


We do believe that every moment should count; but in a balanced, healthy life, some of that “counting” is in thankfulness and enjoyment of each step of the way. Thanksgiving is just one week away, and we think about gratefulness a lot this month; so commit with us to make enjoyment a way of life.

Live all the life out of each moment you are given.


Watch how the movie “About Time” brings this idea to life.
Savor life!


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