Missions Mobilization Job Description

*Disclaimer: This is a general description for Mobilization in Missions. There are so many things that change for the specific situation each person is in. This is a tool for you to look at to help you see if this is a place that you could serve the Lord. If you have more questions or are interested in mobilization, please contact us.

General Job Description: Missions Mobilization for One Challenge (OC)

Reports to:          OC Team leader

Relates to:           OC team

Overview:           A mission mobilizer in the United States helps those led by God toward a mission’s ministry to understand and pursue obedience to that leading. Cross-cultural mission mobilization workers in OC help local churches grasp the vision for sending workers from their church to other places in their country or to other countries. This may involve education, mentoring, coaching or training.

Specifics:             As in nearly all of our church-related ministries, the mission mobilizer will spend a large percentage of their time in discovering and developing relationships with local church leaders and movers. Research to identify needs, helping church leaders create vision to tackle them and connecting resources to those is often the strategy. Helping the church grow to identify, train, equip and send workers is the ultimate goal.

Salary:   For all of these opportunities you will be required to raise financial support for a salary, benefits and ministry costs.

Position Requirements: The ideal candidate for a mission mobilization ministry will have mission’s experience and/or involved in a church missions or outreach program. A seminary degree is not required but is often helpful in establishing trust in other church cultures. Command of the local language and culture is a must, so the candidate should anticipate time spent in country to gain those skills.

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