Holistic Ministry Specialist

*Disclaimer: This is a general description for someone who works has a desire to work in Holistic Ministry. There are so many things that change for the specific situation each person is in. This is a tool for you to look at to help you see if this is a place that you could serve the Lord. If you have more questions or are interested in what holistic ministry looks like, please contact us.

General Job Description:               Holistic Ministry Specialist

Reports to:          OC Team leader

Relates to:           OC team

Overview:           A holistic specialist may focus on one or more of a wide range of ministries. Some examples include medical work, assistance to refugees, hospitality, preventing trafficking, assisting those working with people affected by HIV/AIDS, and inclusion for those less abled in a community. Involvement in these ministries relates to the need in the region and the passion, gifting, education and experience of the worker. Specific applications will fall in line with the goals of the resident OC team.

Specifics:             The worker in holistic opportunities understands that the work is a large part of the ministry as in giving a cup of water to someone who thirsts in Jesus name. Kingdom growth often happens indirectly or through relationships developed in the process of the work. Obviously, this looks different depending of the focus of the ministry. As an example, a medical professional has an impact with those he/she is directly working with, but also has influence with the patient’s family and friends. Relationships developed can lead to questions about faith and following Jesus.

Salary:   Most holistic ministry opportunities will require that the worker raise financial support for salary, benefits and ministry. However, some jobs do pay a salary. It should be expected that some financial support will be required, even in the case of a salaried position.

Position Requirements: The ideal candidate for a holistic ministry will have education, certification and experience for the projected work, if applicable. The worker will also have a passion for seeing people come to a saving faith in Jesus. A seminary, or other advanced, degree is not necessary. An advanced degree may also help in getting and maintaining a visa in the host country. Command of the local language and culture is helpful at least a necessary in most cases, so the candidate should anticipate time spent in country to gain those skills.

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