Leadership Development Specialist

*Disclaimer: This is a general description for Leadership Development Specialist There are so many things that change for the specific situation each person is in. This is a tool for you to look at to help you see if this is a place that you could serve the Lord. If you have more questions or are interested in leadership development , please contact us.

General Job Description:               Leadership Development Specialist

Reports to:          OC Team leader

Relates to:           OC team

Overview:           A leadership development specialist may focus on one or more of a wide range of ministries relating to partnering with church leadership and lay people for the development of vision, equipping and mobilization of the church, and the follow up necessary to see health, growth and multiplication. Specific applications will fall in line with the goals of the resident OC team.

Specifics:             Though the exact specifics of the work done by mission personnel vary, all roles are highly relational and include roles of encouragement, mentoring, coaching and teaching. Care will be taken to ensure that the vision pursued is unique to the host country church and its leadership, and not that of the mission worker. Emphasis is also placed on the multiplication of effort and models based on 2 Timothy 2:2, training workers who will in turn train others. One example of this work carried out in multiple countries around the world is the creation of a network of pastors who train and encourage other pastors.

Salary:   All leadership development ministry opportunities will require that the worker raise financial support for salary, benefits and ministry.

Position Requirements: The ideal candidate for a leadership development role overseas will have a passion for, and experience in, the art of teaching, mentoring and/or coaching. A relatable personality is also helpful. A seminary, or other advanced, degree is strongly recommended since many people the candidate will be relating to will also have advanced/seminary degrees. An advanced degree may also help in getting and maintaining a visa in the host country. Command of the local language and culture is necessary for effectiveness and success in this role.

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