Member Care Specialist Job Description

*Disclaimer: This is a general description for a Memeber Care Specialist. There are so many things that change for the specific situation each person is in. This is a tool for you to look at to help you see if this is a place that you could serve the Lord. If you have more questions or are interested in Member Care, please contact us.

General Job Description:               Membercare Specialist

Reports to:          OC Team leader, Director of Membercare

Relates to:           OC team, Director of Membercare

Overview:           A Membercare Specialist may focus on one or more of a wide range of ministries relating to caring for cross-cultural workers. Some of these workers are part of OC and some of them may be part of other agencies. OC also has a global care team (GCT) to which some Membercare Specialists are assigned. Specific applications will fall in line with the goals of the resident OC team.

Specifics:             Opportunities in membercare fall into two broad categories. The larger of the two is providing care for workers through relational methods, being present … listening well … suggesting possible courses of action … crisis response. A real-life example of this ministry is caring for workers from Brazil living and working in difficult places. The smaller, but no less important, category is in the area of professional care as a licensed counselor or other care professional. A real-life example of this type of ministry is working as a counselor at a counseling center that provides care for cross-cultural workers and their families. Care givers of both categories are in the US and in other countries.

Salary:   Nearly all membercare ministry opportunities will require that the worker raise financial support for salary, benefits and ministry. Taking a salary as a professional care giver normally requires significant additional education in the country of service which may not be feasible for most OC workers.

Position Requirements: The ideal candidate for the Membercare Specialist role overseas will have a passion for, and experience in, the areas of counseling, mentoring, coaching and walking alongside others. A degree in the social sciences and a relatable personality is also helpful. An advanced degree is only necessary if the candidate will be working as a professional. An advanced degree may also help in getting and maintaining a visa in the host country. Seminary education is not necessary but is never discouraged. Command of the local language and culture is extremely helpful for living and working in a different country but is usually not necessary for effectiveness in ministry. Some language and cultural understanding are necessary in ministry to workers from different cultures.

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