Business Specialist Job Description

*Disclaimer: This is a general description for Business Specialist position. There are so many things that change for the specific situation each person is in. This is a tool for you to look at to help you see if this is a place that you could serve the Lord. If you have more questions or are interested in Business for Transformation please contact us.

General Job Description:               Business Specialist

Reports to:          OC Team leader

Relates to:           OC team

Overview:           A Business Specialist will generally fall into three categories of impact. Some specialists start and operate businesses that directly impact the community and provide employment for local workers. Other specialists work as part of existing companies and serve as a light in their company and community. Still others use their business training and experience to train others to start businesses to improve their lives and meet the needs of others in their community.

Specifics:             Opportunities for the business specialist vary depending on the need, the specialist’s training and experience, and the focus of the work/ministry. Location of ministry will depend on the above factors, and the validation of the receiving team of a business focused work. In all business opportunities, the work is considered the ministry. The specialist should not take on obligations beyond the business without specific approval of their team leader. In situations where the business becomes profitable, the application of the profits will be specific to the agreement between the business specialist and the team.

Salary:                   Nearly all business ministry opportunities will require that the worker raise financial support for salary, benefits and ministry costs. In some situations, funding may be raised for startup capital or other business needs. A business specialist should not expect that the business will contribute to their financial support unless they can receive a salary from the work initially. In those cases, the amount of income from the job will be taken into consideration when setting the financial support requirement.

Position Requirements: The ideal candidate for the Business Specialist role overseas will have a passion for, and experience in, business and its application to kingdom growth. A degree in the field of work is required and an advanced degree, such as an MBA is preferred. A heart for evangelism, along with training and experience sharing your faith with others, will allow the worker to be more effective. Seminary education is not necessary but is never discouraged. Command of the local language and culture is extremely helpful for those living and working in a different country and time spent toward those goals should be expected.

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