Research Writer Job Description

One Challenge Global Research Team

Vision Statement:  The body of Christ in unity bringing God’s transforming love and hope to all people.

Strategy Statement:  We ask how God is at work, then assist the body of Christ to bring God’s transformation to lives, communities, and nations.

Purposes of Position:  To serve church and mission leaders as a catalyst for more effective outreach and discipleship through the clear communication of information that affects the growth of the Church.  To help communicate vital information to help motivate leaders in their obedience to the Great Commission.  To serve the Global Research Team through writing assistance for web and other communication of research results, prayer needs, training materials, etc.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Write and edit reports of research being performed.
  • Write and edit web content communicating strategic information.
  • Produce material to motivate prayer.
  • Provide editorial assistance to area personnel in the development of training and mobilization materials.

Qualifications:  Skill and experience in writing for publication.  Creative ability to communicate in writing via Email and other Internet means.  Servant heart and willingness to promote others through assisting in their writing projects.  Desire for and skill at writing information of a technical nature such as research results, in easy to understand format.  Self-motivated, life-long learner, appreciation for details.  Besides being fluent in English, other language ability is desired.

Supervisor:  Global Research Team Director

Working Conditions:  To minister effectively as part of the Global Research Team in a positive, relational, cross-cultural setting, with the possibility of international travel.

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