Social Science Researcher Job Description

One Challenge Global Research Team

Vision Statement:  The body of Christ in unity bringing God’s transforming love and hope to all people.

Strategy Statement:  We ask how God is at work, then assist the body of Christ to bring God’s transformation to lives, communities, and nations.

Purpose of Position:  To serve mission leaders as a catalyst in mobilizing believers to effectively gather and analyze useful information concerning the Great Commission.  Communicate such vital information to help motivate the Church in its obedience to the Great Commission.  To remain on the cutting edge of social science research methods and to provide research analysis of church and mission information for the Global Research Team that will assist in development of church planting and missions plans.

Primary Responsibilities: 

  • Provide sociological research assistance to a variety of Global Research Team projects and reporting.
  • Assist in the collecting and evaluating of demographic information particularly in surveys and online survey research including statistical sampling and correlation analysis.                                            
  • Analyze and interpret data gathered by mission researchers.
  • Equip other researchers in the development and utilization of quantitative and qualitative survey techniques.

Qualifications:  An advanced level of experience in sociological research.  Knowledge of research techniques and statistical data analysis in ministry or workplace.  Computer literate and knowledge of database programs to be used in research.  Theological, Biblical, or missions training is recommended but not required.  A learning and curious aptitude.  Self-motivated and willing to start projects already thought through.

Supervisor:  Global Research Team Director

Working Conditions:  To minister effectively as part of a team in a positive, relational, cross-cultural setting. Some likelihood of part-time international travel.

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