Risk and Obedience in the Kingdom

“Would One Challenge send me to North Korea?”

The question still rings in my mind.

The young woman facing me had just joined us one month after finishing her degree. She was in training and headed toward Taiwan, but other thoughts were tugging at her mind. She was willing to go where few would consider going.

In fact, others in our ministry family have eyes on and are praying for North Korea, but we are not there yet. Why are we waiting?

The answer is that we are waiting for God to clearly lead us there. It’s a matter of obedience. Going where God has not led is as sinful as not going where he has. If God opens the door for us to get involved at some point, then by God’s grace and provision, we will obey.

But what about the risk? Shouldn’t risk be a consideration?

Risk is always a consideration, but it should never become a condition placed on obedience. If there is great risk, then we should look deeper into our confidence that God is truly leading us in that direction. What is God truly saying to us? Do we have peace this is the right decision, in light of the risks involved?

The Bible provides us with many examples of taking on impossible projects in obedience, but today, let’s focus on just one: Nehemiah and the wall of Jerusalem. How did Nehemiah figure out that risking his life to take on this project was God’s will for him? Watch as Bill Keyes leads us through a brief look at Nehemiah and discerning God’s will.


What is God asking you to do today? Are you willing to lay it all on the altar to obey?

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