Dare to be a Joseph

Around 2000 years ago a man named Joseph agreed to be part of an incredible, unbelievable plan. Apart from being extraordinary, this plan had very little upside for him.

An angel instructed him to marry a pregnant young woman, Mary, whose child he did not father. Shortly after, he took his very pregnant wife, by foot and donkey, on the long road to Bethlehem; there the baby was born. For some reason, Joseph’s relatives there could not house them, so Mary gave birth to Jesus in stable, with animals. Once again instructed by an angel, Joseph then led his young family in an escape to Egypt – King Herod wanted to kill Jesus, so they hid there until it was safe. Somehow, they eventually made it through their God-appointed exile to return to Nazareth, where Joseph lived as the step-father to the Son of God. No pressure!

When Jesus was twelve, the three of them traveled to Jerusalem, where Joseph lost track of Jesus when he hung around the temple, questioning the Jewish leaders. Can you imagine the panic that must have set in as they realized he wasn’t with them? Once they found Jesus and went home, we then lose track of Joseph entirely.

Joseph is a bit part in the story of redemption, and yet he gave it everything he had. He did not choose his part, it was chosen for him. Still he was faithful.

Most of our lives are like Joseph’s. We aren’t anything special. We are born to normal people and live normal lives. We try to obey God’s leading no matter what he asks us to do. Sometimes the path is easy, sometimes less so. Sometimes we entertain angels, sometimes we eat with pigs. Through it all we hope to be faithful, just like Joseph, so that when we meet Jesus face to face we hear, “Well done, my good and faithful friend (servant).”

Will you join us in daring to live our lives out in faithfulness to God’s leading, no matter where it takes us and no matter what the cost?

We are praying for you!

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