Tomorrow May Never Come

One of the catch phrases for our summer training programs is “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never come. All we have is today. Spend it well.” Not original, of course, but it seems to be something we should remind ourselves of every day as we get involved in kingdom work.

The temptation is to always be looking at what is next and believe that when we get there our impact will begin. Here are some common ones that we have said or heard.

“Once I get out of school…”

“Once I have my loans paid off…”

“Once I am married…”

“Once I have my support raised…”

The truth is that we should be focused on impact today. We should be making the best of the opportunities along our path today because, “tomorrow may never come.”

But it’s more than just that fatalistic comment that should move us to get involved right now, right here. The people we encounter today may not cross our path again. The opportunities that we have today may never come again.

Today is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24

Let’s not overlook it to get to the future. The future will come soon enough with opportunities and challenges of its own.

Reflect on this simple poem. Commit to make the very best of every moment of today. Make your life today a life that makes a difference in the world now AND tomorrow.

Yesterday cannot be changed

Tomorrow can’t be written

All we have is now, today

To use, to do, to live in

If this is true should we not give

More care to how we spend it

For time once used is time now gone

We cannot apprehend it

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