Who’s the Leader?

Have you ever found yourself out in front of God asking him to save you from what you have gotten yourself into? Maybe you have also found yourself in a similar position but instead asking him to bless something that you want to do or are already doing. It is easy for this to happen. Jesus isn’t visibly present with us. We aren’t “following” him in the same way as the first disciples did; but, we do say that we are following him. We are his followers, right?

There may still be other times when we hear God leading us and we choose to ignore him or even run the other way.

Who is leading in your life and who is following?

What does it really feel like to follow where God is leading? How can we recognize that we are in the position of follower and not leader?

Jesus said that his sheep know his voice and come out when he calls them. How well do you know Jesus voice? How much time do you spend in the Word reading the gospels? How much time do you spend listening when you pray? Following sometimes is just a matter of hearing and recognizing his voice.

Often Jesus wanted his disciples to get away with him. Getting away in our world might mean slowing down, creating margin or coming to a complete stop altogether. How many times have you heard people who have just gotten through an unexpected illness that required them to stop everything else say, “I was really able to get close to God during that time.” Following sometimes requires that we slow down.

When Jesus was arrested all his followers scattered. They stopped following when it got tough. When God asks us to do something that requires sacrifice, of time, of money, of things, of relationships, how do we respond? Are we followers of convenience or are we all in? If obedience will result in good things for us, as we understand it, we often follow. If things don’t look positive, we often doubt that this is what God wants. Sometimes, following simply means obedience no matter what the circumstance.

Where do you find yourself today? Is God your good luck charm to use to try to bring about good results from a decision you have made or is God the person who you see as king, master and lord; the person that directs your steps and calls the shots?

We can’t promise that life turns out better when you follow. Sacrifice is still sacrifice. What we can offer is that in the end you will hear your God say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Enter my rest.”

What is God leading you to today?

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