Send Me vs. Why Me

When we feel God directing us to get involved with him in what he is doing we typically have one of two responses. Sometimes we prayerfully respond as Isaiah did in Isaiah 6. God asks, “Who will go for us?” We answer, “Here am I; send me.” Other times we take a more Moses attitude to God’s direction. God says, “Go” and deliver this message. We respond, “Why me?” There is a third response but hopefully few of us take it and that is the Jonah choice. God says, “Go to Nineveh.” We not only say, “no,” but get on a boat going the opposite direction! We know how that story turns out so most of us avoid the absolute rebellion and opt for the softer Moses response.

What do you think makes the difference in our responses? What is it that pushes us one way or another?

We think the answer has several facets but the ones that rise to the surface are doubt and control.

“Send Me” & “Why Me?”

We doubt God’s love for us. Are we so convinced that he is with us each step of the way that we will trust him to stand before Pharaoh or get out of the “boat” and walk on water? Do we really believe that he is for us and has given us everything we need to do what he asks us to do? Is our understanding of his love for us deep enough to drive out the fear we may feel in obedience?

We doubt God’s willingness to act in and through our lives. This is an epidemic problem in much of the church today. We say God can do anything, but we don’t live like it. One of the reasons this is our reality is that we rarely step beyond what we can accomplish in our own strength. When he says, “My grace is enough for you because when you are imperfectly weak, my strength shines through perfectly” 2 Cor 12:9 (my paraphrase) do we trust that he means it enough to allow ourselves to be vulnerable?

Allowing God to have control in and of our lives is the second, though related, answer. We are not comfortable when we are not in control. The problem is that if we remain in control, we will only realize things that are within our strength and ability to accomplish naturally. Giving up control over a situation to God allows him to operate in the supernatural. That is where the real power is. If we could just allow God to take the reins, we would find ourselves free-falling and totally out of our depth; but we can never be out of God’s hand nor out of God’s depth. In that place, where we are swept up into who God is, exists true peace, joy and fulfillment.

Learning to Trust

So where do you find yourself today along the spectrum between “send me” and “why me?” May God grant us the courage and grace to completely rest in him, trusting that he loves us completely and will accomplish incredible things in and through us if we just give him the chance.

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