The Sip: Farewell Josh!

This week we will be talking with our very own Josh Oh who will be leaving our team here at Prepare for Impact at the end of the month and we just wanted to give him a proper send off to his next adventures. Join us and let him know you love him below in the comments.

We will be returning for Season 3 in September! Stay tuned!

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  1. Patti Drumm

    Joshua, I am so excited to see you and Emily and those little babies ready for a new journey. I feel like I watched you grow up and now you are ready to fly again. I know your parents are so proud to see another one of their children traveling for God’s Kingdom work. Keeping up with each other must be hard. I hope we get to see your babies before you go. Go with God’s blessings, Joshua and Emily. You are loved by us and we will follow your journey.

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