Being the Church in Crisis

In the last 2000 years, crises have come and gone. In nearly all cases, believers stood up and spread the love of Christ through selfless actions, meeting the needs of others. How can we do that now in the face of the COVID19 pandemic?

We’re all in this together

The first thing we can do is help prevent the spread of the virus through social distancing. While you may not be at risk of dying from this disease, those you come into direct contact with those who are. Others you relate to can physically infect someone else who is at risk. It may not seem like it, but this is an act of sacrificial love for people you may not even know as you limit your freedom.

Make time for others

A second thing we can all do is to up our game in the area of communication. We can’t get together with each other personally right now, but we can connect via a host of different ways. Become more active on your social media. Make more calls, regular or video, to friends and family, especially to those who shut-in. Send cards or letters by snail mail. There is little more encouraging than hearing from a friend when times are difficult.

Be Generous

Give to help others. COVID19 has impacted people in different ways. Many people are laid off from their jobs, and companies are failing because customers are in limited numbers. Consider ordering in from a local restaurant. Get an extra latte from your favorite coffee shop. Shop online from local vendors. Give to your community food bank or other aid organizations in your area.

Invest your time

If you have children and you now find them at home with you 24/7, use every moment you can to invest in them in new and creative ways. There are countless ideas online. Famous people are reading stories and leading dance events, and these are great, but there is something more significant. Your kids will get more out of it if you read the books, and you lead them in some fun dance times. Help them learn to cook or work on the car. Do chores with them. Look through old pictures and remember family stories. The current restrictions will ultimately last a short time, but during them, you can give your kids more of you than you usually can. Make the very best of it.

Limiting the impact of COVID19 is an “all hands on deck” project. As Jesus’ people, let’s lead the way in sacrificially reaching out to help in our communities.

Be His church.

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