Big Things from Little Actions

Sometimes we are led to believe that we need to accomplish big things for the kingdom of God. There must be some grand sacrifice to make to see God do a miraculous work in the community around us. Nothing could be further from the biblical truth. It is actually the little acts of obedience and sacrifice that yield the greatest works of God.

Using the Little

A little mustard seed grows to one of the larger plants. Five loaves and two fish, freely given, feeds over 5,000 people. An outcast of a woman in Samaria brings her whole town to see Jesus. An innocent suggestion of a slave girl saves the mighty general and brings him to faith in God. The simple act of faith heals a man born blind.

God wants to carry the big load. He just wants us to offer what little we have and trust him. When we try to get too involved ourselves, we might limit what God would do if we had just left it up to him.

Make the Little Things Count

A kind word or act opens the door for God to transform a life. Grace shown for someone having a tough day and acting out can bring about change in an attitude. Forgiveness for those who hurt us shows Jesus’ love to someone who needs it. Prayer amid anxiety brings joy. Time spent just listening to someone in crisis fosters peace. A smile offers hope.

Make the little moments of your days this week count for big things in God’s economy. We are living in an unprecedented time of uncertainty. As you live out the fruit of the Spirit in the community around you, Jesus is revealed. Love happens. The kingdom of God grows.

Of the increase of his kingdom and of peace, there will be no end!

Isaiah 9:7

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