How Far Will We Go?

We are in the middle of multiple crises in our country right now, including a medical pandemic, the resulting economic downturn, and racial disparity highlighted by the killings of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd. If there was ever a time for people to demonstrate Jesus’ love to others, it is now.

The question I am asking myself right now is, “how far will I go to love others as Jesus would want me to?”

We refer to Jesus as our king, as we should. He is the King of kings, the Lord of lords, and his kingdom is what we are working to expand as we share the gospel with others. However, we have limited experience in relating to a king. Our country was established to allow self-rule through elected representatives. We are proud to not have royalty who are above the rules that apply to the rest of us. We are much quicker to see Jesus as our friend (which he also is) than as our king.

The truth is that God’s kingdom is not a democracy but a theocracy with God holding absolute authority and Jesus as king. When the king commands you to do something, obedience is the only appropriate response. Anything else is at least insubordination if not rebellion and treason. Jesus commanded us to love others, so how far will I go in obeying his instruction for me?

My purpose in this post is to encourage you to take a step further to obey whatever Jesus is asking you to do as you live out your love for him. Most of us have drawn lines that we are not willing to cross in our obedience. I will give money to the rescue mission, but I won’t volunteer there. I’ll pray for a missionary, but I won’t become one. We tell ourselves, “God certainly wouldn’t demand this of me.”

“The LORD God has told us what is right and what he demands: ‘See that justice is done, let mercy be your first concern, and humbly obey your God.’”

Micah 6:8

What does God ask of us? Micah 6:8 holds some of the answer. When we respond to this command, we need to ask God what he us asking of us personally. We need to understand that what God asks of you, he may not be asking of someone else.

Some of us are martyred for the sake of the gospel. Some are not. Most of the church lives in poverty. A few do not. Others live lives affected by significant illness while fellow Christ-followers live free from sickness. God has laid out our path. It is our responsibility and honor to follow it in obedience and joy.

So, what is God asking us to do today to demonstrate the love of Jesus to someone else in the middle of the crises we face? How far will we go to obey him? Commit to taking one more step than you have been willing to make so far. Live outside the lines you have drawn for his glory!

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