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Most importantly, any praying for the health and growth of the Kingdom of God is good praying! There isn’t a wrong way to pray in that regard. If you ask God to carry out his will in your life, the lives around you, and the rest of the world, thank you!

I want to spend a few paragraphs, though, helping you focus your praying time. Remember that the Holy Spirit is our guide in prayer and even prays for us when we can’t find the words.

Thanksgiving and Praise

As you begin praying, remember to praise God for what he has done, what he is doing, and what he will do. He has been at work on this project of redeeming creation to himself for thousands of years as we tell time. He will continue it until the day of Christ Jesus!

More Workers

Next, remember to ask God to send more workers for his harvest. You can use Matthew 9:38 or Luke 10:2. Many of us have an alarm set to those times (9:38 or 10:02) to remind us to pray. One bit of warning, though. If you truly commit to praying for more harvesters, you may find that God is leading you to be part of the answer to that prayer!

Personal Impact

Ask God to guide you in your own impact on kingdom health and growth. I recommend having a notebook next to you, or your phone, to record what you hear from him. Be committed to obeying his leading.

The Lost

Pray for those outside the family of God around the world. Begin with your own family, your city, state, and country. Then expand to your continent and then other countries on other continents. Here are two tools to consider helping with this. Operation World is an excellent resource for learning about different people groups worldwide and how to pray for them. A second resource is my devotional, 31 Days for the Kingdom. Find it here. The lesson for each day includes prayer time, which guides the worshipper in praying around the world.

Conducive Environment

As you are praying for people, ask that God would allow for environments conducive to his Kingdom’s growth. We might be tempted to think that means democracy and freedom, but that is not always the case. In fact, the church often grows faster and is more robust when there is persecution. Trust that God knows what he is doing in this. Pray for countries’ leaders, that they would make decisions that would honor God and lead to church growth and health.

Spiritual Warfare

Finally, pray against the work of the enemy. Whether you believe that Satan is alive, well, and at work in our world or not, the gospel is opposed around the world. Pray that kingdom workers will stand firm against that opposition and move forward in the power of the Holy Spirit. Also, pray that kingdom workers would remember that our battle is not against people. Our responsibility in relating to others should always be in line with Jesus’ instructions to love others as he loved us.

Thank you for considering these guides as you pray. Know that you will not be alone in this effort. Together we are stronger.

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