Finding Your Destiny

No matter what you think about the concept of destiny, we are all going somewhere with our lives. Some of us have set goals for ourselves. Nearly everything we consider falls within the priorities we have set to reach those goals. Others take a more random approach, taking life as it comes, making decisions based on where we are in that space and time. Whether by our design or by chance, we are becoming. What we are becoming rests more with who we are following than with our methods.

Here is the bottom line. If you are a Christ-follower, your destiny lies within Jesus. To find it, you must pursue him with everything you are. This is no small task, but you are not in this alone. The Holy Spirit is changing you from within, guiding you into truth for the sake of Christ, and the glory of God. Rest in his work.

Destiny in Christ

The hallmarks of a life committed to going deep into Christ are spelled out in the fruit of the Spirit. These nine things should show in any destiny we may find ourselves; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. They are easy to roll off the tongue, but how do we go about making them part of who we are? Consider the following things.

Finding your destiny in Jesus requires spending time with him, lots of time. He is with you every minute, so the ball is in your court. How do you pursue human relationships that you value? They are a priority. You make time for them and hate to leave a meet up when they happen. People who are important to us are always in our thoughts, and we spend time, energy, and money focused on them. Should we be any less committed to our relationship with Jesus?

Finding your destiny in Jesus rests in surrounding yourself with people who act like he does. There is little doubt that our community, our inner circle, shapes who we are. Our choices reflect their choices. What they choose to do influences what we choose for ourselves. We want to identify ourselves with them and want them to identify themselves with us. Do we walk with Jesus in the same way? Do we want people to see him when they look at us?

Finding your destiny in Jesus becomes more evident as we practice his presence in our lives. Put action to your faith. Acting on what you believe makes those beliefs more foundational to who you are. Don’t think this all needs to happen overnight. Take a small step today to love someone, put them first, and express your concern for them. Make today a day you live out the fruit of the Spirit. Let tomorrow wait until its time.

You have a destiny in Christ. Pursue it with everything you are, every day that he gives you life.

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