Christmas and the Kingdom

Many would consider the birth of Jesus, 2000+ years ago, to be pivotal in history. Events and biblical prophecy before his birth pointed forward to him, and most of the world has celebrated his coming since that time. Truthfully, many celebrate with little or no understanding of the meaning of his appearance. Still, his followers have had such an impact on the world since it happens just the same. Each Christmas celebration represents an opportunity to live out the love of God to those around us.

What does it mean to live out the love of God at Christmas?

Be thankful.

As with most reflections, it is best to begin within ourselves. We celebrate the greatest gift of all at Christmas. God becomes a man and dwells among us, revealing himself to us in a way we can understand. Then, he takes the entire world’s sin for all time on himself and dies to pay the penalty of it. Finally, he rises again to destroy the power of death and lead us into eternal life with him. Be thankful!

Live thankfully.

Celebrating at Christmas time should humble us. We know that we are not worthy of such love, yet God lavishes it upon us anyway. As we understand this more and more, our lives should reflect that thankfulness, and we should live humbly and graciously in our communities. People around us will notice, and that will open doors to share Jesus’ love with them.

Be hopeful.

We are living in a very discouraging time. Many have lost loved ones. Many have lost jobs. All of us are living lives physically disconnected from loved ones. Yet, Jesus is our hope in the midst of all of this. As we live hopeful lives, we display God’s love for us. Hope is contagious.

Live in peace.

The angels declared that Jesus came to bring peace on earth. Though God’s final peace is still in our future, we can make a difference for peace in the communities around us. As we rest in the peace of God, we bring peace with us wherever we go. Make grace your lifestyle now, during this Christmas season, and for the year to come. Be the change. Impact the lives of others for the better.

Give generously.

Need is all around us. Considering God’s sacrifice for us, should we not be willing to sacrifice for others as God leads us? “And when you give to those in need, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” (Matt 6:3, my paraphrase).

This is just the beginning. I am sure you can find many other ways to live God’s love out for those around you. May God grant you a very merry Christmas!

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