Freedom to Serve

It seems we sometimes get confused about freedom. That would make sense because we experience two types. We have political freedom in the United States and the individual rights that go along with that – the right to vote, assemble, speak freely, etc. In Christ, we have also been set free from the penalty of sin and the power of death. These two freedoms are significantly different.

Different Types of Freedoms

Political freedom rests on the authority of nations or human power. It is a freedom that is physical. God did not give us political freedom; we gave it to ourselves through our nationalistic desire and bloodshed. It’s not unimportant, but it means little to our relationship with God, in the things that matter. “In Christ, there is no slave nor free,” the apostles said. Whether in slavery or freedom, our standing with God and our responsibilities, as a result, are the same.

Spiritual freedom also came to us through will and bloodshed, but it was not from our desire, but the will of God – not by our blood, but by the blood of Christ. Through Christ, we become joint-heirs with him to God’s kingdom. We are children of God, adopted brothers, and sisters of the King of kings. But this position is not something to be flaunted. Paul says that we should have the same attitude as Jesus did. Though he was God, he humbled himself to become a servant and to death on a cross.

We are Set Free

Jesus said that if we want to be significant (“great”) in the kingdom of God, we need to be the servant of all. In Jesus’ kingdom, we are set free to serve. In our freedom, we choose to take up the basin and the towel and wash the feet of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Pride is replaced by humility, and power is overcome by meekness. The greatest thing in Jesus’ kingdom is to love others with the kind of love we read about in 1 Corinthians 13. It is patient and kind, content and humble. It is honoring, self-less and calm. Love neither keeps track of hurts nor enjoys when bad things happen but rejoices in the truth. It protects, hopes, trusts, and perseveres. Love never gives up.

Make good use of the freedom you enjoy today by finding ways to serve those around you. Following Jesus’ example is true discipleship.

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