“When Christ, who is your life …”

Colossians 3:4

Jesus as my life

Jesus Christ as our life according to the apostle Paul. I wonder how many of us see our lives that way. I can honestly say that the thought of Jesus as my life is often far from a conscious consideration most of the time.

What does it even mean to consider Christ as our life?

What Paul is referring to in this comment is that we have died spiritually with Christ and now live in him because of his resurrection. Our lives are not our own. We have been bought, and the purchase price was Jesus’ death. We are in Christ, and he is in us.

If Christ…

If Christ is our life, we are spending every minute with him. He gave us his Holy Spirit, residing within us. Jesus is with us everywhere. As we allow that to sink in, I believe it will impact our day-to-day decisions. A viral fad of the past (though now cliché) was to ask oneself “what would Jesus do” before making decisions. Though we may not use those exact words anymore, the idea of mimicking Jesus in our lives is the essence of discipleship.

If Christ is our life, then he should be in control. He told his followers just before he was crucified that if they loved him, they should do as he had commanded them. In the same conversation, he reminded them of his command, that they love each other. So loving Jesus means loving each other. If Christ is our life, we should be living out love.

If Christ is our life, then it will never end. We will live with him for eternity. My father just passed away and though that meant the end of his existence here in our physical world, I believe that his spiritual self continues to live on in the presence of Jesus. This is our confidence, something we hold to and hope for in faith. The Holy Spirit’s presence within us is our guarantee, our assurance in a world that doubts everything.

Remind yourself throughout the day today that Jesus is your life and then live it in remembrance of him.

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