What Do You Do?

Worship Songs

I write music, worship music mostly, and a good portion of that for children. I love writing music for children because it requires me to take profound spiritual truths and make them part of a simple song that kids will remember. When I hear parents say that their children just burst out into a song that I have written, I smile. I know I have made use of the gifts God has given me.

Here is one of my newer lyrics. What messages do you see in it?

I love Jesus, and he loves me

Just the way I happen to be

All grown up, or one, or two, or three

I love Jesus, and he loves me

I am often drawn to tears as I sing those words, and I realize that Jesus loves me just the way I am. Using my creative gift impacts me as much as I hope it does those who hear the music.

What do you do?

I say all this to lead you to consider what it is that you do. I am convinced that God has placed passions in you to use them in unique and beautiful ways. Doing the work of God’s kingdom does not require us to be anything beyond normal. He has already placed in us what is needed to glorify him, just the way we are. When the supernormal is required, he steps in, astounding us all, and we praise him more.

So, what do you do, and what doors are open for you to glorify God? Is there a way it can be used in your local church, your community, or some other country? If you want help figuring this out, reach out to me. Helping people find impact for the kingdom in who they are is something else I do.

“I urge you, my brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy to offer yourself up as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to him, which is the normal outpouring of your worship.” (Romans 12:1, my paraphrase).

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