3 Tons of Concrete

Good Ideas Sprout Work

Someone said that every good idea eventually boils down to work. I think it should be noted that the work to complete a project is not always done by the person with the idea, but work eventually will be done if that fantastic concept is ever to see the light of day and improve lives.

Our deck needed replacing. We had lived with its rotting corpse for a long time, finally covering it with an outdoor rug to extend its usefulness into this summer. Enough became enough. Our hope of a new and shiny outdoor space was sprouting into work.

Simple Does Not Mean Easy

Sometimes, the work to make something a reality can be simple, like tearing up the old deck and replacing it with new material. This was not God’s plan for us along this path, though. The demo was simple enough, and no one got poked with a rusty nail, so a win. That is where the “easy” ended, and the “fun” began.

The concrete patio sitting underneath the deck was not anywhere close to level. Parts of it were four to six inches higher than other parts. Tree roots were the primary culprit. More about roots in another blog post. We had a friend come and help jackhammer the parts of the patio that were beyond use. We moved that all to the front gate, and then today, my son and I loaded it into a roll-off dumpster – about 3 tons of concrete.

I still need to finish the deck replacement. It will happen someday soon. You can only live with dirt and danger and grandkids all together in one place for so long!

Significant Outcomes Require Effort

Beautiful things do not just happen; a deck, a garden, or a life full of impact. A significant part of their value lies in the effort put into them. They are significant because special people invested in them. Moving three tons of concrete a couple of times is not pleasant (although there is something satisfying about hours of hard work together with your adult son), but sharing hours bonding as a family on that new deck around food and fun will be worth it.

Our relationship with God requires work as well. Spiritual growth includes stretching, pruning, bearing fruit, and finally reaping a harvest. It requires time and effort, commitment, and sacrifice. Are we willing to follow where he is leading? Will we allow Him to use us as he wants to, in the way that he knows is best? He created us with purpose. Should we not be about accomplishing it? May God give us grace in failure and power in weakness. Give him the glory in all things.

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