Reality Check

What am I doing?

There has been one question on my mind all morning. What am I doing?

This question could easily have been brought on by the birth of a new year, a desire to start or finish a project, or even the fact that I am a year older, but I have been asking this question of myself in light of the events of a Monday Night Football game. In the game, defensive back Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field, suffering a cardiac arrest. Thanks to immediate life-saving actions, he is still alive but in critical condition in an Ohio-area hospital. Join me in praying for Damar and his family.

Damar’s experience is not the only thing leading to this wake-up call. As I write this, close friends have lost loved ones, and others are in a life-and-death struggle themselves. A war is being played out daily on our media, and though it is far away, we have friends and colleagues directly impacted by what is happening daily. The list could go on.

What am I doing? Are the things that fill up my day truly important? Are my priorities taking me where I want to go? Where God wants me to go? Am I content with my life?

Our next breath is not a given.

How can I begin anew – to make each moment count for now and eternity?

Holy Resolutions

I can spend less time in front of screens. Some screen time is job-related, and other time helps me relax, so I don’t think I need to eliminate this from my life, but certainly, more control is necessary. Wasted time cannot be restored to us. When it is gone, it is gone.

I can spend more time on things that matter more and less time on things that matter less. Evaluation is needed, and many tools are available, like The Intentional Year, a book by Glenn and Holly Packiam. Prioritizing the right things sometimes boils down to assigning an overriding goal. I hope that I will spend this year in “joyful contentment.” As I evaluate the use of my time, I can ask, “Does this make me joyful? Does this lead me to contentment?”

I can spend more time focused on relationships. The relationship that matters most is the one between Jesus and me. I need to commit more time there. Then, what we do with and for people become the things that last – they create a legacy. My father passed away in March of last year. Overwhelmingly, people remembered his impact on their lives through how he served them. It was humbling.

I can spend more time loving others. How much of my life is focused on me, my desires, and my goals? Jesus’ desire for his followers was to be defined by love for each other. Is that what defines me? Am I sacrificial in my love for others?

Will you join me in making a more significant impact this year? Let’s fill 2023 with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, and self-control.


By Jeff Boesel

Yesterday cannot be changed

Tomorrow can’t be written

All we have is now, today

To use, to do, to live in

Since this is true, should we not give

More care to how we spend it

For time once used is time now gone

We cannot apprehend it

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