Take a Step

Too Great a Cost

Transforming passion into action is one of the most challenging things to do in our overstimulated lives.

We have all experienced moments when a speaker, song, picture, movie, or other stimulus has moved us emotionally. We become passionate about making a difference and impacting that area of our community or life. Thoughts of what we can do bombard our thinking. We get excited. We talk about it with family and friends. It fills our every moment.

And then, we do nothing.

When reality sets in, we realize the cost of taking a step in that direction. Getting involved will require the sacrifice of time, energy, and finances. Priorities will need to be adjusted. Goals and objectives will change. The change will impact our brand, our direction, and our lives.

Different Responses

The parable of the Sower, found in Matthew 13, Mark 4, Luke 8, and the Gospel of Thomas, which is not part of the biblical canon, may shed light on this challenge. A farmer plants the seed. As it is cast out into the field, some falls on a path, some in rocky soil, some among weeds, and some on good ground. Birds eat the seed on the path. The seed among the rocks can’t develop a healthy root system. The seed enmeshed with weeds crowded out. The seed in good soil produces a bountiful harvest. As usual, the disciples are confused by this parable, and Jesus explains it to them. The seed is the “word of God.” The apostle John states that Jesus is the “word of God.” Jesus may have been speaking about reactions to himself.

As Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, convicts us of something or prompts us to get involved somewhere, we have these common responses. We may not be listening well, so God’s direction goes unnoticed. If we are aware of what God is saying to us, we get excited, but the opportunity doesn’t take root, or we allow it to be rationalized away by our current reality. Some of us will take steps, and God uses them to change our world, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

Moved to Obedience

What is stopping you from allowing your passion to become action? Is the cost too great? Consider these words of Jesus.

“What does a person gain if they try to hold onto what they cannot keep and lose themselves in the process?” Mark 8:36 (my paraphrase).

Take one step today toward obedience to God’s leading in your life. Impact your world.

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