Long Term Application

Welcome to the Long Term Application!

We are so excited to be taking this next step with you in your journey towards Cross-cultural ministry! Below are links to each part of the application. There are 6 different sections to the application. They are divided up so that you can complete pieces as you go along. Each piece can be filled in online, some require forms to be signed and scanned.

*Note, you cannot save progress, so make sure to complete the forms before moving on.
If you have any questions please contact Lydia.

We are praying with you as you work through your application!

Part 1: Contact Info

Requires: Your Contact Info, Sending church and attending church info, preferred pastoral contact for Home Church Affirmation.

Part 2: Reference Forms

Requires: 5 references; church missions leadership role, employer role, peer in ministry or business, teaching role, close friend

Part 3: Experience

Requires: Educational experience post high school, Work experience info for the last 15 years, other experience explanation.

Part 4: Spiritual Journey

Requires: Your testimony, personal life influencers, spiritual life and ministry

Part 5: Define the Specifics

Requires: Defining the specifics of your calling, team preferences, work or ministry specifics

Part 6: Agreements

Includes: Statement of faith, consent to release records, standard of conduct, acknowledgement of field policy, financial policy, understanding of employment for couples