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There are so many different avenues to walk on the way to World Missions. Each agency is seeks to meet the needs of the missionaries trusted to their care. Here is a list of things that help set OC apart.

We are faith based

All our missionaries (with some very rare exceptions) raise their prayer and financial support for living and ministry. This is a “God thing” but is the biggest hurdle that our potential missionaries face in considering us.

We are totally interdenominational

OC will partner with and work to empower all facets of the Body of Christ.

We are global and contextual

We have resident teams in 24+ countries and carry out ministry in more than 55. Our ministry is contextual to the culture in which it takes place, designed in partnership with host country Christian leaders.

We work in team

Our missionaries live close to each other, make ministry and financial decisions together, support each other emotionally and spiritually and are accountable to each other (sometimes messy, but we like the synergy).

We are “field up” in ministry applications

Our field missionaries decide together what ministry will look like where they are within the large umbrella of ministry philosophy and strategy set out by the board of directors. Our USMC, United States Mobilization Center, in Colorado Springs, serves our teams by providing ministry support. Those ministry decisions are based on what research has shown as the greatest needs in the country and are made in partnership with a majority of Church leaders within the country.

We are free to be innovative and are committed to partnering

If it isn’t being done and needs to be done, we will be involved doing it by God’s grace and provision. But, if someone else is doing it and doing it well, we will partner with them and support their efforts rather than feel the need to “recreate the wheel.”

We are a Family First organization

We believe in a balance between family and ministry. But when a choice must be made between the two, we will fall on the side of family over ministry.

We work with and within the local church

Since God has given the task of reaching the world to the church, we believe our job is to come along side it, wherever it is, and help it to be the church that God has called it to be. How this plays out is…

  •         Ministering to the unreached through equipping and mobilizing the reached
  •         Planting churches by training indigenous church planters
  •         Being involved in youth ministry by equipping youth leaders
  •         Much more!

We call this multiplying ourselves in others. As a result, for a small organization, we have a widespread influence…by the grace of God.

If you can envision yourself as the servant of host country Christian leaders, equipping them and giving them platform for ministry, we are the organization for you.

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