Evangelism Vs. Discipleship

What is the difference between Evangelism and Discipleship? We discuss what we think each of those words mean to us and we’d love to hear from you guys as to what you think! Please stay tuned and join us.

The Sip: Sides Reign Supreme

This week we were feeling goofy after a work lunch and decided after we got into an argument about the best side dishes for our meal that we would sit down in our studio and rehash the debate for all of your enjoyment. What’s your favorite side dish? Stay tuned and join us!

Where We See Discipleship

This week we dive into what kinds of discipleship we are seeing around us. All four of us are back together for a great discussion about what we see in our community and our churches that we attend. Please stay tuned and join us!

The Sip: Why We Love Video Games

This week we talk about the pros and cons of both old and new video games. Which is better? Higher graphics or better connectablility? Can you have fun on today’s games without an xbox live or playstation network account? Are you even having fun if you can’t banter with your friends?