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Prepare for Impact

Preparing you for the Impact you can make and for the Impact others will make on you

Prepare For Impact Team

We, Prepare for Impact, serve as Mobilizers for OC International. We exist to be a resource to those whom God, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, is leading to be involved in cross-cultural ministry. Jeff...


Listen in to our Prepare for Life Podcast and The Sip! Our Mission with the Prepare for Impact Podcast is to have honest conversations about what is going on in the mission world, answer some...

Honest Answers About Missions

Has God been putting something on your heart? Are you curious about missions opportunities? Or are you just wanting to consider this whole missions thing? Take some time and read through these questions and their...

Your Journey in Missions

Are you interested in Overseas Short Term or Long Term Missions?

You have felt a calling to go serve overseas in missions. Now what?

There are so many different paths to take, but there are no clear signs in the process. Because of how complicated the process is, Prepare for Impact is here to be your guide! We are here to serve you and help guide you through the many twists and turns towards the mission field!

Mission workers are few, unaware and under prepared.

Our Vision is to see the Body of Christ being discipled and able to thrive in life and in their ministry.

Our Mission is to identify and disciple potential mission workers to be able to do what they are called to do.

We are here to answer the questions you have about missions!

At Prepare for Impact, we know there are a lot of hard questions that are asked on the path to missions. We answer some of those hard questions about the journey and what the mission field looks like on the Prepare for Impact Blog. New posts on Wednesdays. On the Prepare for Impact Podcast, we with each other and other missionaries about many different aspects of what goes into missions. New episodes on Fridays! Check out The Sip, our short comedy podcast that comes out on Mondays!

We care about you!

We exist as a resource and relationship to any and every person who has questions about what overseas missions can look like, because we’ve been there. Contact us with any questions or comments!

To find out more about One Challenge International visit their website!

Farewell Josh!
This week we will be talking with our very own Josh Oh who will be leaving our team here at Prepare for Impact at the...
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Send Me vs. Why Me
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The Sip: Odd Food
This week myself, Lydia, and Jeff pool together all of our international experience and talk about the weird foods that we enjoy eating either at...
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One Challenge International

Prepare for Impact is a department in One Challenge International. We serve as a guide towards any path towards missions, whether or not through OC.

If you are looking for where to start with how to find an agency, listen to our podcast episode Where to Start Missions and Agency Selection.

One Challenge is an international organization of Christians. Our purpose is to obey our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by passionately living out the Gospel in word and action and assisting the global body of Christ to make disciples of all nations.

Our Vision

The body of Christ in unity bringing God’s transforming love and hope to all people

Our Mission

We serve, equip, and connect the body of Christ and its leaders to advance God’s kingdom among all people

Our Strategy 

We ask how God is at work, then assist the body of Christ to bring God’s transformation to lives, communities, and nations

Values Cluster 

Team, Partnership, Multiplication, Servanthood, Family, and Freedom to Innovate

Guiding Principles

Character, Community, Creativity, Learning, Collaboration, and Fruitfulness

To find out more about OC visit their website. Get to know the Prepare for Impact team or listen to our podcast.

Farewell Josh!
This week we will be talking with our very own Josh Oh...
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Send Me vs. Why Me
When we feel God directing us to get involved with him in...
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The Sip: Odd Food
This week myself, Lydia, and Jeff pool together all of our international...
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The Sip: #coffeegate
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