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Our Mission with the Prepare for Impact Podcast is to have honest conversations about what is going on in the mission world, answer some of the hard questions and to help guide you through where God might be calling you.

The Sip is our short Monday morning comedy podcast that’s just for fun and to help you get to know the Prepare for Impact team better!

  • The Sip: Laughing it up with Nate Huntley
    This week we have a great set of questions that we decided to throw at the group and see what our answers are! We hope … Read more
  • The Sip: Ladies Week
    Welcome everyone to the 2nd season premiere of The Sip Podcast! Jeff and Connor are traveling so this week Lydia and another co-worker of ours … Read more
  • The Sip: Farewell Josh!
    This week we will be talking with our very own Josh Oh who will be leaving our team here at Prepare for Impact at the … Read more
  • The Sip: Odd Food
    This week myself, Lydia, and Jeff pool together all of our international experience and talk about the weird foods that we enjoy eating either at … Read more
  • The Sip: Liar
    This week we dive into what Connor did whenever he started talking about tattoos with our new admin Lydia and how he might have let … Read more
  • The Sip: #coffeegate
    This week Lydia talks to us about this new thing that she has decided to call "Coffeegate" that is unfolding here on the Prepare for … Read more
  • The Sip: Christian Music
    What songs were over played when you were growing up with Christian music? Is it Sloppy Wet Kiss or Unforeseen? Have more questions? Reach out! … Read more
  • The Sip: Sides Reign Supreme
    This week we were feeling goofy after a work lunch and decided after we got into an argument about the best side dishes for our … Read more
  • The Sip: Why We Love Video Games
    This week we talk about the pros and cons of both old and new video games. Which is better? Higher graphics or better connectablility? Can … Read more
  • The Sip: Business Casual?
    This week, we struggle to figure out how to say Business Casual and we all talk about what does today's workplace landscape look like when … Read more

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