Impact Coordinator

Do you have a passion for discipleship and missions around the world? Do you want others to see and feel what it is to do cross cultural work? We at OC are mobilizing Impact Coordinators for the field to host and mentor short term missions for people and for groups.

An Impact Coordinator would be a long-term missionary who embraces the role of hosting and discipling short-term missionaries who visit different fields. ​​

Impact Coordinators would be on field mobilizers who would stay in contact with the Prepare For Impact team to create closer connections between the US and field teams. ​

Short Term Missions can be hard and sometimes hurtful to the field and to long term missionaries. But we need short term trips to get some cross cultural experience!

Impact Coordinators can be part of the solution to this increasing problem.

If you feel like you might be able to fill in this role, get a conversation started!

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